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Rights and Responsibilities

Only homeowners or condominium owners are members of Hickory Hill.  Homeowners become members of the Hickory Hill Co-operative, Inc. (HH1 Cooperative) by applying for membership, which includes agreeing to abide by the bylaws of the community and payment of the annual dues.


A stock certificate is transferred at the time of sale (application must be completed prior to or at the Closing) from a HH1 Cooperative homeowner who is in good standing (dues currently paid).  The stock certificate represents a share of the real property held in common by all HH1 Cooperative homeowners who are in good standing.

HH1 Cooperative homeowners pay a modest Annual Dues (June 1 through May 31) to cover the operating costs of the facilities. In the true spirit of cooperation, all pay the same amount even though some choose to use the facilities more than others. Members are expected to attend one annual meeting for the election of the Board of Directors and to discuss issues affecting the community. Members volunteer their time and talents to our social activities, continuing the tradition of cooperation that has always been, and still is, so much a part of Hickory Hill.


There are no restrictions on the sale of property. Members are at liberty to sell their homes to whomever they wish and for whatever price they may set.  A home or condominium in Hickory Hill is available only when a present homeowner places his or her home on the market.

Both communities were designed by internationally recognized architect Danforth Toan. Both have won awards and frequent journalistic attention for their wise planning, "rural beauty" and long-lasting spirit of cooperation.

We are thriving beyond 70 years and are truly an oasis in the suburbs, just 20 minutes drive from Manhattan. 

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